Start of the race at 9:00 a.m.

The start of the half-marathon race would start from the start-finish zone on Korzo near the National Theater towards the “Jadran” cinema, where the first turn is to the right from Korzo to Đure Đaković Street until the traffic lights, then right again along Maksim Gorki Street to the monument to Ivan Sarić, where you would turn right into Car Dušana Street towards the City Library building and take a sharp left to enter Braće Radić Street. You would go along Braća Radić Street until you reach the intersection with Nada Dimić Street, where you turn right, and you go towards the “Prozivka” Memorial Park, where you turn left before the fountain.
on the same route, and the whole circle of the park is circled on a pedestrian sidewalk, and on the other side of the fountain, the runners return along the same route back to the intersection of Braća Radić and Maksim Gorki near the Zvezda cinema.
At that traffic light, turn left into Maksima Gorki Street and move to the back of Harambašićeva Street, where there will be a U-turn. After that turn, the runners continue to the corner of Maxim Gorky and
Štrosmajerova Street near the Post Office and turn left into Štrosmajerova Street, then continue straight to the roundabout where they continue left into Matka Vukovića Street towards Žrtava fášizma Square where they turn right and go all the way to the roundabout where they turn right into Petefi Šandora Street towards the monument of Deža Kostolanji near the Gymnasium and follow the roundabout and turn left into Jakab i Komora Square and go right into Synagogue Square and then to the roundabout flow on Radialac.
In the roundabout, following the same direction, go to the left side of the road in Maršala Tito Alley, cross Ferenc Sepa Street and enter Dudova Šuma in the park on the left (pass the bike rental station) where you make a full circle on the left side along the tartan track and go around the Hall of Sports and pass the Student Dormitory, exit again on Maršala Tito Alley this time on the other side and go again to the roundabout and turn left into Zmaj Jovina in the street where you go until you turn right in Đura Đakovića. Then you pass the entrance to the Corso and continue exactly the same for another half-marathon lap. The second round for each participant involves turning from Đura Đaković to entering Korzo and finishing the race in the start-finish zone.

The organizer reserves the right to change the start time of the race