Race start is at 8:00 a.m.

Race traack is identical to half marathon course. Only difference is that you run one lap of the course.

Race start is located at Korzo street in front of the National theater. From there race goes towards “jadran” movie theatre. At the “Jadran” race course goes to the right onto Đure Đaković street until the trafic light where is located next right turn onto Maksima gorkog street.  After a couple of hundred meters, at the Ivan Sarić monument, course again turns right into Cara Dušana street which leeds runners towards City library where’s sharp left turn onto Braće Radić street.  Course of the race continues through Braće Radić street all the way to the crossing with Nade Dimić street where course turn right and after couple hundred meters turns left (before fountain) into “Prozivka” memorial park.  After running full circle trough the park  and passing fountain on the other side course heads back to the city center using the same path trough the Braće Radića street until Maskima Gorkog street (former cinema “Zvezda”).
On crossroad of the Maksima Gorkog street and Braće Radića street path turns left on Maksima Gorkog street all the way until Harambašićeva street where course makes U-turn. After that turn course continues on Gorki street all the way to Štrosmajerova street (at the Post office) where course turns left onto Štosmajerova street. On the end of the Štrosmajerova street, at the roundabout course countiues left onto Matko Vuković street towards Victims of the fascism square at which point race path turns right onto Victims of the fascism square. On the end of the square, at the roundabout course takes another right turn and continues onto Petefi Šandor street. Race course passes Deže Kostolanji monument which is located right across Svetozar Marković gymnasium and another roundabout on which course continues left onto Jakab i Komor square. After short distance course passes Synagogue and goes right onto Synagogue square all the way to the next roundabout on the “Radijalac”.

At the roundabout race course turns left onto Maršal Tito alley. Path follows the alley all the way to the Dudova forest which competitors are entering (at the bike rental station). Course continues on the tartan running track until the path reach Student dormitories after which runners goes right back on the Maršal Tito alley but this time path is on the other side of the alley. Race course after Maršal Tito alley contiues left on the roundabout, onto Jovan Jovanović Zmaj street after which path goes right to Đure Đaković street. Last turn of the race is from Đure Đaković onto Korzo street where start finish line is located.

Organizers reserves the right to make changes of the start time of the race.