About us

The idea of  the Subotica Half Marathon did not appear suddenly. The racing culture in Subotica has been at an extremely high level for decades. Our fellow citizens ran all over the world, on all continents. Running is universal and belongs to everyone, including Subotica. Each of us from the organization gained racing experience on the streets and parks of Subotica, as well as in a large number of races in our country and abroad.

Getting to know people and expanding circle of acquaintances and friends in the racing world, running through beautiful cities and their streets, only increased in us the desire to run a river of smiling, positive, energetic and persistent people from the plateau in front of the  City hall, to pass by the National theater, Reichl Ferenca palace, to greet Ivan Sarić and Aleksandar Lifka, pioneers of aviation and cinematography in our country. To meet  Dezse Kostolanji, Chat Gez, Tzar Jovan Nenad, to run by Olimpic fountain with the names of Subotica athletes, Olympic medalists and simply run through history, just as we enjoy and love to get to know the sights of other cities, historical as well as the modern ones.

Getting to know each other at the races and sharing the struggle and support on the track, which are one of the most beautiful messages of the racing world, the idea of ​​a half marathon in Subotica became more and more necessary.

The idea of ​​the Subotica Half Marathon is being realized by a large number of individuals gathered in the Sports association “Horizont”, the race organizer.

Our recreation has become everyday, and we also feed the need for a better psychophysical condition by running.

Horizont Sports Association was founded in December 2016. with the aim of promoting running in Subotica and its surroundings.

We invite you to come and run a #history with us. Let’s continue hanging out after the race, all together 25.08.2024. as part of the celebration of the Day of the City of Subotica.


For all questions, we are available at [email protected]