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👉 Sports association “Horizont” from Subotica is organizing the 5th Subotica Half Marathon on Sunday, August 28, 2022. 📍
🏁🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️The start of the half marathon race and the race on 5k and 10k is scheduled for 10:00.

Applications close on Friday, August 19, 2022. at 12 noon

The start / finish zone for all runners is located at Trg Slobode 1 in the city center.
🎗 The Subotica Half Marathon track has an IAAF-AIMS “A” certificate ⭐. The Subotica Half Marathon is in the calendar of races of the Athletics Federation of Serbia and the European Association of Street Races.
🛣 The half marathon track consists of two laps of 10.5 km, and the 5 and 10 km race track consists of one lap.
⬆️ The track are flat, the surface is concrete, and the race is completely on the street. You run through the streets in the strict and wider city center and most of the race takes place in the shade.
🥁 Important:
🚫 It is forbidden to use photos, videos and other promotional materials from the race for the purpose of promoting another club, association, company or organization without the consent of the organizers. In accordance with the Law, the organizer of the Subotica Half Marathon, the sports association Horizont, will take appropriate legal measures in order to protect it.
📸 Official photos of the Subotica Half Marathon are free with the logo of the race and the sponsor and will be posted on no later than 3 days after the race.
The Subotica Half Marathon (SUPM) team has 12 professional photographers. 🆒️🔝
🚩 The official results will be available to each competitor after passing the finish line and sent to their email address and will also be available at the day after the race.
🥁 There is one ambulance in the start zone, while another follows the participants of the race on the track, along the entire track there are volunteers of the Red Cross of Subotica.
💧🍌🍋🍊In 1 round there are 7 refreshment stations and 🎶🎵 5 music DJ stations. 🎧
🔝 The track is completely closed to traffic and runners can run their race without hindrance. 🏃‍♂️
Portable toalets (Toi toi) 🚾 is located in the start / finish zone and on two additional locations on the track, at 7/17 and 3/13 km, for all participants.
📽 You can watch the video from the 3rd Subotica Half Marathon here:

🥁 You can see the track and all the details on the track here, the half marathon track is marked in yellow 2 laps, the 10 km race yellow 1 lap, and the 5 km race in green:
⚠️ https: // …
🥁 The registration center, where you can pick up starter packs, is located at Korzo no. 3 (former Military club).Registration center will be open on August 27, 2022. from 17:00 to 22:00 and on the day of the race 28.08.2022. between 07:00 and 09:30.
⚠️ Attention in accordance with COVID 19 measures this schedule will be updated!
⚠️ The registration center closes at 09:30 sharp and stops working!
🔋The registration center has a huge charger for your android and ios mobile devices. 📲
🆓️ Parking in Subotica is free of charge on the day of the race and is free of charge for everyone.
🎶🎤 Pasta party will be held on Saturday, August 27, 2022. (on the Korzo no.3) on the terrace of the registration center, starting at 5 p.m.
📍 Categories:
Juniors (2003 and younger)
M 20 (1998 to 2002)
M 25 (1993 to 1997)
M 30 (1988-1992)
M 35 (1983 to 1987)
M 40 (1978 to 1982)
M 45 (1973 to 1977)
M 50 (1967 to 1971)
M 55 (1962 to 1966)
M 60 (1957 to 1961)
M 65 (1952 to 1956)
M 70 (1947 to 1951)
M 75 (1946 and older)
Juniors (2002 and younger)
F 20 (1997 to 2001)
F 25 (1992 to 1996)
F 30 (1987 to 1991)
F 35 (1982 to 1986)
F 40 (1977 to 1981)
F 45 (1972 to 1976)
F 50 (1967 to 1971)
F 55 (1966 and older)
⚠️ Categories are only valid for a half marathon.
There are absolute categories in all three races.
Absolute winners do not participate in the placement by categories.
🎁 Content of the participant package (half marathon 21.1 km):
Start number with chip
T-shirt with half marathon logo
Finishing medal at the finish
Refreshments on the track and finish
Gifts from the sponsors
A gift from the organizer
Price of the participant package (half marathon 21.1 km):
From 01.04.2021. to 07/20/2021 -> 2500 din.
From 21.07.2021. to 21.08.2021. -> 3000 din.


🎁 Contents of the participant package (10 km race):
Start number with chip
T-shirt with half marathon logo
Finishing medal at the finish
Refreshmesnts on the track and finish
Gifts from the sponsors
A gift from the organizer
Price of the participant package (10k):
From 01.04.2021. to 07/20/2021 -> 2000 din.
From 01.07.2021. to 21.08.2021. -> 2500 din.

🎁 Contents of the participant package (5 km pleasure race):
Start number with chip
T-shirt with half marathon logo
Finishing medal at the finish
Refreshmensts on the track and finish
Gifts from the sponsors
A gift from the organizer
Price of the participant package (5 km pleasure race):
From 01.04.2021 to 30.06.2019. -> 1800 din.
From 01.07.2019. to 08/20/2019 -> 2000 din.

🥁 Important:
⚠️ The application price depends on the date of payment (not the date of application)
⚠️ The application becomes valid only after the registered payment of the participant package
It will not be possible to change the race after August 21, 2021.
⚠️ Use a valid email address when registering.
Apply and complete the application as soon as possible.
⚠️ Incomplete entries are not a guarantee of participation in the race.
⚠️ The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants.
⚠️ Withdrawal from participation or unforeseen circumstances:
⚠️ The participant can withdraw from the race and is not obliged to inform the organizer.
⚠️ In case of withdrawal of participants or inability to participate in the race due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizer is not obliged to return the money paid.
🥁 Instructions for competitors:
⚠️ Runners come to the PRE-START ZONE – Trg Slobode no. 1 – from 08:30 but no later than 09:45
⚠️ Runners change clothes in appropriate rooms and hand over their belongings to volunteers in the WARDROBE SPACE.
⚠️ Volunteers put the collected items in bags that they mark with the participant number and dispose of them for safe keeping.
⚠️ Runners will have their belongings waiting at the same place after the race.
⚠️ They pick things up based on their participant number.
⚠️ In the pre-start zone, competitors can use the medical aid and toilet.
⚠️ Each participant in the race, with an insight into their own health condition and physical fitness, participates in the half marathon and in the races on the 5k and 10k at their own risk. Participants are obliged to sign the application form concerning previous information.
⚠️ Participants under the age of 18 must have the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.
⚠️ Each competitor must carry the starting number under which he is registered – otherwise he will be disqualified.
⚠️ Each competitor is obliged to fill in the data on the back of the start number. This data serves to provide health services, if necessary, with more information relevant to providing better and more adequate assistance to each participant.
⚠️ Put the competition number on your chest.
💵 💚 Each competitor will be insured during the race. Insurance costs are borne by the organizer.
⚠️ All participants in the half marathon and the 5 and 10 km race must be in the START ZONE by 09:45.
⚠️ Runners are required to follow the instructions of the announcer and the judges at the start.
⚠️ Runners who violate the schedule at the start will be removed from the start and disqualified.
“The race is provided by a licensed security agency and the police,” and is accompanied by authorized vehicles of the organizer and the medical team. ”
🥁 Important:
At 10:00 the sound of a siren 📣📢🔊 marks the start of the race.
⚠️ Half marathon and 5 and 10 km races are held on the LEFT side of the street. ⚠️ Follow the signs and instructions and stick to the LEFT side.
⚠️ All competitors must pass checkpoints on the track. ⚠️ If the competitor for any reason is not registered at these control points – he loses the placement and the result.
⚠️ Runners who give up can contact the nearest medical service or staff at the refreshment stations and wait there for transport to the pre-start zone, or to the health facility (if necessary).
⚠️ The duration of the race is 3 hours.
All finishers receive medals.
⚠️ After passing through the finish line, all participants have access to refreshments in the form of water, refreshments, fruit and other foods, medical assistance, massages and other rehabilitation treatments.
🏆 The ceremony of awarding trophies and sponsor awards will be held in the finish zone of the 4th Subotica Half Marathon on Trg Slobode no. 1 after the end of all three races.
🥁 Sports Association Horizont as the organizer of the 4th Subotica Half Marathon reserves the right to change and adjust the schedule and information from the call for security reasons in agreement with the City of Subotica, police, ambulance, Subotica-trans, meteorological service and other relevant public institutions that guarantee the safety of this event. All information will be forwarded in a timely manner to the public and the racing community.
📣 For all additional questions regarding the race, organization, accommodation and other information, write to us at [email protected] and follow the official website of the half marathon as well as our official FB account Subotica Half Marathon and official Instagram account subotica_halfmarathon to be timely informed.
⚠️ The Subotica Half Marathon reserves the right to change and adjust each of the above items from the official protocol of the sports and recreational event in accordance with the measures of the Government of Serbia with the aim of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Welcome to run through the history of 2021.
Organizing Committee of the Subotica Half Marathon.
Horizont Sports Association.
Subotica ♥ ️