Inspira Group – a great promoter of the Subotica Half Marathon

“Inspira Group” is a domestic internet company that develops leading websites in the fields of employment, automotive, real estate, e-commerce and insurance. Created at the very beginning of the millennium, “Inspira Group” this year records 23 years of business as one of the first companies in the Internet business in Serbia. Today, he manages 6 businesses in the fields of employment, automotive, real estate, insurance and e-commerce, some of which are leaders in their digital niches. Currently, 318 hardworking and creative people are employed in the Inspira group, in two cities and at 5 locations. They were among the first to recognize the importance and beauty of the “Subotica Half Marathon”, so they offered their selfless help in the first year to make this event successful, and they continue to do so to this day.

“Subotica is our city. Infostud was born here as a forerunner of the idea of information for students through an internet platform, from there the business spread to other businesses that are now part of the Group. We expanded our operations to the whole country, but the headquarters of the company remained in Subotica, as did most of the employees. That speaks volumes about the importance this city has for us. Through numerous actions of the Inspira group, but also through the organization “IT Subotica 2030″ of which we are one of the founders, we are trying to make this city an even better place to live and work.” – says Tanja Ikić, director of human resources and corporate communications at the company ” Inspira Group”.

In the spirit of the value of team strength, this company often encourages its employees to strengthen the common spirit and cooperation through team building games and to be the best promoters of the aforementioned values. “Every year we have three or more team building events focused on sports gatherings, which are usually marathons in various forms and cities, participation in basketball and table football tournaments, as well as village games that often have sports activities. Apart from the standard get-togethers to which we invite employees and join the organization, we have a lot of initiatives by the employees themselves to participate in sports events, which we gladly support.” – says Ikić and adds that the “Subotica Half Marathon” is precisely for this reason an important feature of the city that should be supported. . According to her, that support in earlier years was not only reflected in motivating people to participate, but also through specific help with promotion in order to encourage the mass of participants and recognition even outside the city.

“Inspira Group” is celebrating its sixth year of cooperation with the Subotica Half Marathon, with the difference that this year it is the first time they are participating under the name “Inspira Group”. Perhaps this will be the reason for the greater number of participants in the 10 km race, “Inspira 10”.

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Asked if she thinks the participation of children and young people in the Subotica Half Marathon is significant and why, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications at the company “Inspira Group”, Tanja Ikić says that the participation of children is extremely important, first of all considering the lifestyles of young people and time spent sitting in front of a screen. “Inspira Group” fosters among its employees an orientation towards a healthy life and nature, so running is an indispensable activity in this regard.

“Our employees are great promoters of the Half Marathon, because every year in addition to the permanent team that runs, we also have new applications from those who would like to try the 5 km race at least recreationally, and for years we have competitors who win prizes.” I would say that some go out of curiosity and the desire to test their limits, and some to beat their personal records. There are also our colleagues who came to live in Subotica, so it’s good that they saw the half-marathon through the history of the city as a good opportunity to get to know the city,” explains our hostess.

According to her, running is one of the activities that the employees of the Inspira group count because it naturally imposed itself as a type of socializing thanks to the initiative of the employees. In addition to the Subotica Half Marathon, they also participated in corporate races, and the Fruškogorsk Marathon, as well as the karting league and climbing on Romanija (via ferrata), were traditionally part of the team building activities this year. Often, part of the team is organized for the Ljubljana Half Marathon, and in 2019, a couple of employees, as part of an excursion, ran a half marathon in St. Petersburg.

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Running has become a popular sport in recent years and it is spreading more and more as a form of recreation, and according to Tanja Ikić, there are several factors that have contributed to the popularization of this sport.

“For me, the most important thing is the opportunity to combine being in nature and time with yourself or with friends in a healthy way, depending on who prefers what.” In addition, it is highly likely that you have everything you need in your closet to start practicing this sport. Apart from these personal motives and extenuating circumstances, we should not ignore the large sponsorships of sports equipment manufacturers intended for running clubs, as well as raising the importance and recognition of the Belgrade Marathon. This had a chain effect on other local organizations and the desire to brand their city through this type of activity. Companies also contributed to raising the racing culture through their activities, and we should not forget the influence of social networks.” – believes the director of human resources and corporate communications at the company “Inspira Group”.

When asked if he supports running in the open air, through the forest and the city, or if it is more for running in gyms, Ikić says that running in the open air is the best option, because if the environment for running is inspiring, this physical activity will be a real pleasure.

“That’s why running through the city and its history is what excites us every year at the Subotica Half Marathon.” Likewise, Palić is a fantastic environment, so we don’t refuse invitations there either. It is important to encourage investment in local events that promote outdoor running, as well as to influence the improvement of running infrastructure together with the local self-government, to have more adequate trails and outdoor gyms,” says Tanja Ikić.

Next year, Subotica will be the European City of Sports, and the representative of the Inspira Group believes that the Subotica half-marathon must have been one of the important factors in the decision. According to her, the preparations for this event are a good opportunity for the engagement of individuals, associations and companies for mutual cooperation in order to improve the conditions for holding the activity and its promotion.

“We are glad that we, as the Inspira Group, will be a part of that as a company, and more importantly through the direct participation of our employees.” – said Ikić and added that the growing number of events indicates that the climate is changing and is moving in the direction of greater sports involvement. fellow citizens. This is evidenced by the success of the Subotica half-marathon, as well as Spartak’s table tennis school, as well as water polo and basketball clubs on the premises.

“Subotica is maturing and changing over time, and we believe that this trend will continue.” We want Subotica to be a choice for young people to study, start a family, work and live. Through the activities of the Inspira Group, the Inspira Hub and the organization IT Subotica 2030, as well as cooperation with relevant institutions through a private-public partnership, we want to increase the chances that young people will stay here, but also attract people from other cities to consider Subotica as a good place for life and work. We want Subotica to confirm its position as a city that celebrates diversity and offers a handful of sports, cultural and entertainment content.” – Tanja Ikić, director of human resources and corporate communications at the company “Inspira Group”, concludes her presentation.